Bossier Chamber’s inaugural Law Enforcement Symposium

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce hosted it inaugural Law Enforcement Symposium in partnership with the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Office in September. The symposium consisted of panelists from the Bossier Parish Sheriff’s Department, Bossier City Police Department and Bossier City Marshall’s Office as well as the District Attorney and the 26th Judicial District Court Judge for Bossier Parish.

The purpose of the symposium was to share how the departments within the parish work together to ensure that safety is the No. 1 priority for Bossier City and Parish residents and businesses.  Sheriff Julian Whittington said, “You can have great schools, great infrastructure, great things to do; but, if safety is not a priority, none of that will matter.”

Below are a few of the highlights shared by the panelists:

Bossier Sheriff Julian Whittington

“Low crime draws business and residents”

  • Only two (2) parishes in the state of Louisiana with SRO officers in every school.
  • Most calls are traffic related. They responded to 17K calls related to traffic in 2016.
  • Number one crime is vehicle burglary. “You can help! Simply lock your car.”
  • Enlarged the SWAT recently
  • Offer Vacation home checks
  • Have drones with heat sensors

“You can help by supporting and encouraging”

Bossier City Marshall Jim Whitman

  • Only City Marshall’s Office with a Cyber Crime Unit
  • Internet Crime Task Force
  • Violet Crimes Against Children Task Force
  • 3 Detectives certified in Computer Forensics

“You can help by donating to non-government agencies that assists in cyber and child crimes.”

Bossier City Police Chief Shane McWilliams

  • Narcotics Task Force
  • Working closely with Crime Stoppers
  • Priority is to protect the citizens

District Attorney Skyler Marvin

  • Gave an update on the recently passed Criminal Justice Reform passed by the state legislature at the request of the governor.
  • The state task force submitted 26 recommendations for review, which was paired down to 13 initiatives
  • 17-year-old’s are being moved back to juvenile facilities – will create a burden on those facilities
  • State does not have any state-owned drug and alcohol facilities
  • November 1: 27 incarcerated individuals will be released back to population in Bossier Parish

26th Judicial District Court Judge Mike Nerren

  • Judges have two districts they are responsible for
  • Each district is broken down into parishes
  • Each Parish is then broken down into categories
  • Criminal filing for Bossier Parish

o             2015 – 6,700

o             2016 – 6,200

“People in this community work hard to protect the residents.”