Bossier Schools honors archery state champions

Bossier Schools has several state championship teams to recognize in archery.

This Thursday, March 8, Parkway High School’s wrestling team will be honored at a short school-wide assembly at 8:50 a.m.  in Parkway’s Varsity Gym.

Bossier Parish archery teams won all three state championship titles in the Bullseye and 3D competitions at the 2018 A.L.A.S. (Archery in Louisiana Schools) state tournament hosted by The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Bossier Parish students also won all three Top Individual archers titles by division in the Bullseye competition, numerous other top rankings and five of the six scholarships that were awarded.  The results are as follows:

Top Individual Archers-Bullseye 

$5000 scholarship:  Aidan Haire (Benton HS) and Amber Long (Benton MS)

$2500 scholarship: Tyler Pope (Benton ES) and Eden Old (Benton MS)

$1250 scholarship: Emma Rutledge (Benton MS)

Top Individual Archers (male and female combined) by division-Bullseye

First Place: Aidan Haire (Benton HS), Amber Long (Benton MS), and Tyler Pope (Benton ES)

Top Individual Archers by division-Bullseye (State Champion Bow)

Male: Aidan Haire (Benton HS), Amber Long (Benton MS), and Tyler Pope (Benton MS)

Female: Abbie Rutledge (Benton HS)