Community Resource Series features LA Job Connection

Louisiana Job Connection brings the latest technology to Louisiana employers as they search for qualified job candidates. The website is a smart technology solution provided by the State of Louisiana. It is provided by LED FastStart® at no cost to Louisiana employers and at no cost to job seekers everywhere. Simple to use and free, this web-based tool allows hiring managers to connect to the right candidates more quickly. Let’s take a closer look.

Louisiana Job Connection connects Louisiana employers with qualified candidates from everywhere, via a free job-matching website. Employers are able to post jobs, and matches are made instantly. Here are some of the site’s features:

  • You may post as many jobs as you like, and link them directly to your applicant tracking system. Or you may opt to accept resumes through your Louisiana Job Connection account.
  • As you add new jobs into the system, you will be notified of new job-seeker matches.
  • Our interactive job-description builder helps you create detailed job descriptions with work activities and required skills.
  • A list of qualified candidates tailored to your needs will be generated instantly. You will be able to review resumes and contac

As the demand grows for skilled professionals, Louisiana Job Connection gives you quick access to a large pool of talent, and our innovative matching system delivers relevant matches based on your employment needs.

Louisiana Job Connection’s goal is to make job recruitment easier for all Louisiana employers by reducing the time you spend reviewing stacks of resumes. We connect you with qualified candidates instantly, and at no charge. Begin the process now by going to