Employer FAQs from the Louisiana Workforce Commission

How do we make the state aware we are bringing an employee back from lay off? You should complete the National New hire form for rehires. This will be based on when they are hired back. This helps us identify those who continue drawing benefits after returning to work.

How do we make the state aware we attempted to bring an employee back but they refuse? Refusal of work issues should be reported through the 77 form submission process. You can complete the separation notice online and indicate quit-refusal of work for each employee who does not return to work. They can use the explanation field to elaborate on the work refusal.

What to do if I find out that one of my workers is continuing to file for Unemployment although they have returned to work or I am paying them from PPP funding? If someone is drawing benefits while being paid and not reporting those wages to us, this should be reported to our fraud inbox.

The link to report New Hires is https://newhire-reporting.com/la-newhire/default.aspx

The LWC Fraud link is on the LAWORKS.net home page under “Topics of Interest” right under “Job Fairs and Events” (“Fraud Report), but this is the direct link: http://www.laworks.net/FraudMenu.asp

They can file a separation notice from the Employer Services Column on the bottom of HiRE’s home page. There is no need to sign into HiRE. They only need their EAN to file.