5 Essential Tips on Using Facebook for Business

The way businesses market to their audience is constantly changing these days. One of the best tools a business can use to market to their key audience is Facebook. It is one of the best social media platforms to use because there are roughly 2.23 billion monthly active users. That’s a whole lot of people that could potentially help profit your business. If you want to start using Facebook for business purposes, here are 5 essential tips to help you get started.

1. Create an Appealing Facebook Page

First things first—if you want people to visit your business’s Facebook page, then you’ll need to create one that has an appealing look to it. This means you’ll have to invest in high quality photos and a cutting-edge logo to use for your profile picture and cover photos. This will draw your audience in even before they know what your business is all about. Facebook allows you to choose from different templates when you create your page, so be sure to choose one that fits your business and brand.

2. Make Your Page User Friendly

The average person only spends a few seconds scrolling through Facebook. That’s why when they click on your page; they will want to immediately figure out what your business is all about. Make sure that your page is user friendly so that potential customers can get to what they need fast. Call-to-action buttons at the top of your page are a great way to help the user. Things like, “book now,” or “contact us” are always good to have at the top of your page.

3. Create Engaging Content

There is a lot of content constantly being shared on Facebook. It is up to the user to determine what they do and do not want to see. It’s important for businesses to create engaging content because that’s how they can build an audience and then an eventual customer base. If you create engaging content, it is more likely to be shared which can garner the attention of new customers. Restaurants can share their new menu items or a video of their chef creating a new dish. Whatever your business is, don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to your content.

4. Give a Little to Get a Little

Once you do create engaging content on your business’s Facebook page, then you can spend a little money and boost your post. Organic reach has been steadily declining for most pages which means you’ll have to spend a little money if you really want to establish your business page in the area. You should always do some research to find out what areas you should boost your posts in. If you are an area restaurant looking to increase delivery sales, then you should boost to neighborhoods around your restaurant. When using Facebook for business purposes, it’s all about looking at your business goals and strategizing how you can use Facebook to meet those goals.

5. Look for Changes

The algorithm for Facebook is constantly changing, so always read the latest articles to see how you can adapt your business strategy to meet these changes. The business site for Facebook is a good place to start. Once you get your site going and you start to see an increase in audience reach, then you can figure out what is working and what isn’t.

These are all great tips on using Facebook for business. Looking for more ways to get involved in the Bossier business community? Check out the Bossier Chamber’s blog to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the area.