Find candidates for your jobs with On-the-Job training

We know there are many companies who have unfilled positions and there also are many people in our area who are without a job right now. We may have an opportunity to bring these two needs together: On-the-Job training!
Top three questions to ask to see if you qualify for On-the-Job training through the WIOA program:*

  • Do you have an unfilled, skilled position?
  • Does the position pay at least $10 per hour?
  • Is the position permanent and at least 32 hours of work per week?

You might be a good candidate to offer On-the-Job Training through the Workforce and Innovation Opportunity Act, a federal program the Chamber is partnering with the Coordinating & Development Corporation to coordinate in our area.
Why consider On-the-Job training?

  • You could receive reimbursement of 50 percent of your trainee’s hourly wages.
  • You can customize training for the employee.
  • There is no cost for this service!

Want more information? Download this one-page document about OJT and call Kattie Hollay at 746-0252 or email to get evaluated.
*NOTE: There are other qualifications to qualify for WIOA’s OJT program but answering these questions with YES will give your business a good start on meeting the requirements.