Get paid to help your community with the 2020 Census

The 2020 Census team is looking for individuals to apply for their various openings. Once you apply with one application, you may be considered for several positions, including census taker, recruiting assistant, office clerk, and supervisory staff—and help your community while getting paid.
Some of the positions and duties include:

Address Canvassing:

  • Review assigned work to locate households for verifying addresses.
  • Update the Census Bureau’s address lists and maps in areas that showed change
    since 2010.
  • Employees will work during the day to see addresses on buildings.
  • Employees will document maintain and submit record of hours worked, mile driven
    and expenses incurred during duties.

Census taker: Hiring in Sept., Training in Jan 2020

  • Review assigned work to locate households for verifying addresses and conduct
  • Conduct interviewed with residents in assigned areas by following stringent
    guidelines and confidentiality laws. Explain the purpose of the census interview
    answer questions, collect information following a script, and record census data.
  • Update address lists and maps.
  • Validate addresses and map updates for quality purposes.
  • Follow procedures to conduct accurate work while maintaining acceptable
    production rates.
  • Meet with supervisor, as necessary, to review procedures, report concerns and
    receive additional instructions.

Census Field Supervisors: Hiring in Sept, Training in Jan 202

  • Supervise enumerators, including reviewing their work. Facilitate group training
    sessions using Census Bureau training guides and materials.
  • Conduct personal observations of enumerators as they work in the field and
    conduct on the job training.
  • Monitor and resolve alerts by following up with assigned staff
  • Monitor progress and performance of staff and ensure assignments are completed
    on schedule.
  • Retrain enumerators as necessary.
  • Recommend and document termination of poor performing employees.
  • Apply EEO principles in hiring practices, training, and employee development.