Federal Priorities

Federal Priorities

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce has outlined four priorities for which the
organization will continue to advocate with our federal delegation.


  • Support funding of Barksdale Weapons Storage Maintenance Facility (WSMF). A new facility is required for Barksdale to allow unique weapons storage and is programmed to begin construction in 2019. The facility also includes funding of two sub-projects: an indoor firing range and new security forces dormitory.
  • Support funding Barksdale new gate complex. The new gate will provide better and faster access to Bossier City/Shreveport and the west side of Barksdale, where the majority of on-base jobs are located. This complex is planned to coincide with the construction of the new Weapons Storage and Maintenance Facility, scheduled to begin in 2019.
  • Support the $7-8 billion in funding for B-52 engine replacements and ensure the projects stays intact following the change of leadership.
  • Support division of oil and gas royalties with Barksdale 2nd Bomb Wing. There are currently more than 250 producing oil and gas wells located on the military reservation at Barksdale. All royalty payments are made to the Bureau of Land Management, however the Second Bomb Wing is responsible for maintaining the contractor roads that provide access to the wells.


  • Support funding for the expansion of the La. Hwy. 511 Jimmie Davis Bridge. Current traffic counts along this section are around 30,000 vehicles per day, with a current capacity of 11,500. Expanding the bridge to four lanes is important to alleviate the traffic congestion.
  • Support authorization of both federal and state funds for the completion of Interstate 69 through Louisiana. The economic impacts of I-69 to the region, as well as Louisiana, will be tremendous. The long-range goal is to unite all sections into a seamless corridor linking Canada with Mexico. Increased funding opportunities are necessary in order to complete I-69.
  • Support the funding for Army Corps of Engineers J. Bennett Johnston Waterway. $11.5 million is required to operate and maintain the waterway at the minimum level, including the operation the five locks and dams, preventative maintenance and dredging to maintain the authorized nine-foot navigation channel.


  • Support repeal and replacement of the Affordable Care Act. Support solutions to drive system-wide changes that can lead to flexibility, better population health and sustainable health care costs.
  • Support a reduction in tax rates and the complexity of the current tax code to create an economic environment which helps small businesses thrive and reinvest in their business.
  • Support the Regulatory Accountability Act and the Small Business Regulatory Flexibility Improvement Act of 2017.