Honor our servicemen during Military Appreciation Month

There are many ways you can show appreciation this month for servicemen and women:


  • Businesses can display their support on facility marquees, in Facebook messages and any other way that will help echo our community’s military support. Use the hashtag #MilitaryMayNWLA
  •  If you see a member of the armed forces in his or her uniform, take a moment to shake hands, and simply say that you appreciate their service. In the same way, many veterans wear a hat or shirt that reflects their prior service.
  • If you are a business owner, a military discount for all current and prior service members could be an easy way to show your thanks. Make it easy on them by posting it somewhere near checkout and ensuring your staff are aware. See member businesses who offer a discount as part of our Preferred Military Merchant Program.
  •  Perhaps the simplest way to show your respect and appreciation is to fly the American flag at your home or business. This shows appreciation for the work that our active members and reservists do, and what our veterans have done.