Leading in the Unknown

Join us for a courageous conversation about compassionate leadership during challenging times.

March 4, 9 a.m.

Email jessica@bossierchamber.com to register!

SYNOPSIS: The United States is currently in the center of three-part storm. Part one is a health crisis, part two is an employment crisis and part three is a social crisis highlighted by recent demonstrations and subsequent violence. This trifecta has led to many business leaders, large and small, having to deal with issues in a very high-pressure environment ripe for mistakes with unintended comments and thought processes that exacerbate the problem rather than reduce it.

This highly interactive and engaging session will provide leaders with tools and techniques to navigate the current turbulent waters and support a positive exchange of ideas and practical applications for immediate benefit. The content is based on findings from a 3 year leadership study with 35,000 leaders crystalized in the book “The Mind of the Leader” published by Harvard Business Review in 2018. It will focus on helping leaders lead themselves, their people and their organization in these challenging times.