Are legislators feeling the love this special session?

As we all know, love and politics don’t always mix so well, which is why Gov. John Bel Edwards dropped this line in his speech to open the special session yesterday: “To your spouses and significant others who will spend yet another Valentine’s Day without you, I am sorry.”
For his part, Sen. Barrow Peacock touched upon the same theme earlier in the day while visiting the LaPolitics office on Press Row: “Arrows are being shot at me left and right. But they’re not from cupid.”
Nonetheless, love was supposedly in the air Monday evening. Several politicos noted as much during on-the-record interviews with reporters. They talked about a different tone in regard to negotiations and a better overall mood of key players as compared to 2016.
The desire to wrap up this special session a little early may be driving some of that. But that was also yesterday. Today is a different day.
House negotiators, in their morning meeting with administration leaders, were still leaning towards wanting a smaller withdrawal from the Rainy Day Fund and deeper cuts – and some of those reductions target areas that the governor wants protected, like higher ed. Surprisingly there has still been little to no talk of fees.
There has likewise been some questions asked by lawmakers about January’s tax deposits at the Revenue Department. What might come of it all is still a little fuzzy at this hour.

Let’s just hope this thing ends with hearts and kisses, just like it started last night. That kind of vibe is a preferable setup for the big, bad regular session that’s lurking in the shadows.