Legislature moving through bills this week, anticipating special session

As we close this week, Legislators are pushing lots of bills as an apparent end to the session is nearing. There are no firm dates set for the end of the session, as it legally must end by June 4. However, Gov. John Bel Edwards said on KEEL radio on Friday morning, he and legislative officials were talking about a possible end to the session on May 18 with a special session beginning May 22.

This week, both the House and Senate have worked feverishly in committee meetings and on the floors to get the bills moving. However, there are still a great amount of bills that are still in committee, particularly on the House side.

On Wednesday, there was heavy debate for a bill our Chamber has been in favor of – House bill 500 regarding a future constitutional convention. After much debate, the measure failed but is not dead for the future, as it continues to make it a little bit further each time it’s heard. [See how they voted here]

Things to note: