Let’s talk about a return to work after the shutdown

On this month’s Chamber Chat, we talked with local employment experts Jacques Lasseigne of the Louisiana Workforce Commission and Kandis Thomas, a local career coach and professional recruiter with Magee Resource Group. We are keeping you up-to-date on topics that matter to you and your business!


IN THIS EPISODE: Hear from them on the end of the extra unemployment benefits (slated for the end of the month), what employers should look at when advertising for jobs as well as bringing employees back – work-from-home options, evaluating where you were paying too much or too little, and using the words “preferred” and “required” appropriately on job descriptions.

JOB-SEEKERS: If you are looking to re-enter the workforce with a new job, we advise that you begin looking for a job NOW to get prime choice on job offerings before the market is flooded with applicants coming off of unemployment. We will be sharing social media postings on job openings from our member employment agencies for the coming weeks.