LouisianaCheckbook.com pushed to regular session

Despite Unanimous Support, the LouisianaCheckbook.com Concept Will Have To Wait Until the Regular Session

HB 29 by Speaker Taylor Barras passed the House 104-0 last week but was awaiting action in the Senate when the Legislature adjourned Sine Die yesterday.The bill has been re-filed for debate in the regular session as HB 510.

The Senate filed its own version of the state transparency website legislation, SB 8 by Sen. Rick Ward, which in turn passed the Senate unanimously. In its final form, the bill still appeared to delay the spending transparency website until the $30 million new state accounting system is operational in three years. A similar version of this bill, SB 363, has also been filed for debate in the regular session.

Although the bills to bring transparency to government spending failed to make it through the process, the movement had considerable momentum. We look forward to this effort continuing in the regular session. Thank you to all of you who have added your voice in support so far, we will need your continued help in the coming months.

Stay tuned to take action again in the regular session!