LSU Health Shreveport hosts The Business of Science seminar series

LSU Health Shreveport’s Office of Sponsored Programs & Technology Transfer is hosting The Business of Science, a free bioentrepreneurism seminar series that kicks off on Sept. 14.


“Shreveport has long been a nationally recognized hub for research and innovation, and this series will expose scientists and innovators to the tools of entrepreneurship and successful commercialization,” said Annella Nelson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development at LSU Health.


The 10-week series will be held from 12 to 1 p.m. Thursdays from Sept. 14 through Nov. 9, with a wrap-up discussion panel scheduled for Nov. 30. Guest speakers with expertise in their fields will discuss a variety of topics to guide participants in the steps to starting a successful science-based entrepreneurial endeavor.


The Sept. 14 seminar, Introduction to Bioentrepreneurism, features speakers John Chidlow, Ph.D., and Kevin Pavlick, Ph.D., co-founders of Innolyzer Labs, LLC and Gregory Kallenberg with Prize Foundation.


Series organizers include Charles Holoubek, patent attorney with Davis & Bujold Intellectual Property Law Firm, along with Innolyzer’s Chidlow.


Holoubek is a frequent lecturer and author on patent, trademark, copyright, and other intellectual property issues, and he has been actively involved with the Louisiana Startup Prize.  Chidlow’s Innolyzer, a privately-held company specializing in the development and commercialization of innovative analytics for a broad array of industries, won the Louisiana Startup Prize in 2015. He was named the 2016 Young Professional of the Year by the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce’s Young Professional Initiative of Northwest Louisiana.


“Startups face constant challenges and many of them are catch-22s. In the earliest stages, simultaneously bringing together data for finances, projections, markets, and other aspects while licensing patents, and finding the money to pay for it is challenging. Over time the challenges change, but they are always there,” Chidlow said. “Product development and bringing a product to market offer their own unique scenarios. This series is designed to provide aspiring entrepreneurs with a checklist that can be utilized to avoid pitfalls, delays and unnecessary costs along the way.”


“Our expectation is that between now and next year, a number of our participants will have started a new biotech company, and will have used what they learned in this course to help be successful,” Holoubek added. “According to recent research, new businesses, or startups, account for substantially all of the net job growth in our economy. This is something we want locally too. So we as a community, for the economic health and prosperity of the community, need to encourage and empower the assets we have – human, financial, and technical – to go and create. That is the future of Shreveport.”


There is no fee for the series, but registration is required. Register online at A complimentary lunch will be offered to the first 50 registrants at each session.


All sessions will be held from noon to 1 p.m. Thursdays at Margaret Place Properties Community Center, located in the former Christus Schumpert Hospital at 915 Margaret Place in Shreveport:


  • September 14: Introduction to Bioentrepreneurism – John Chidlow, Ph.D., and Kevin Pavlick, D. with Innolyzer and Gregory Kallenberg with Prize Foundation will discuss startups in general and science-based startups and how to formulate a business concept, build a team, create a competent business strategy, along with helpful organizations to aid in success.


  • September 21: Forming IP in the Laboratory – Speakers Nick Goeders, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Pharmacology, Toxicology & Neuroscience at LSU Health, and Chris Kevil, Ph.D., Vice Chancellor of Research at LSU Health Shreveport, will review issues of Intellectual Property (IP) creation, namely creating IP with an eye toward commercialization and monetization of the asset. Issues of protectable ideas, confidentiality, the timeline and process of IP protection, and pitfalls to avoid to maintain value in IP.

  • September 28: Licensing IP for Commercialization – Charles Holoubek, J.D., patent attorney with Davis & Bujold, and Annella Nelson, M.B.A., Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Development at LSU Health, will cover analyzing commercial viability and strength of IP and the process of licensing IP.


  • October 5: Market Analysis – Judy Williams, President of Williams Creative Group, and Ron Ondechek, Managing Director of South Highland Ventures, will discuss market issues, with key analysis to include market presence, barriers to entry, market sustainable price points, vertical or horizontal market, and larger marketing strategies.


  • October 12: Financial Analysis – Elizabeth Killough and Chris Solomon with Heard, McElroy & Vestal will explore financial issues startups face, including budgeting, preparing a term sheet, cap table management, accounting issues and pitfalls, and making payroll.


  • October 19: Legal Preparation – Wendy Horton of Langley, Parks, Horton & Maxwell, LLC and Rich Lamb of Wiener, Weiss & Madison will delve into legal issues with making the startup a real legal entity. Topics include what structure that company might be, formulating an operating agreement, and preparing a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).


  • October 26: The Business Plan – Speakers James Cardelli, Ph.D., of Segue Therapeutics, LLC and LSU-Shreveport’s Michael Meeks, Ph.D., will apply information covered in the previous sessions to discuss how to develop a business plan and how to use it as a guide for the business, including items outside parties will want to see in a business plan, alternatives to traditional business plans, and when to make revisions.


  • November 2: Raising Capital – Dave Smith, Executive Director of the Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program, and Ross Barrett with Big Ventures Management, LLC will cover how to fund the new startup, including rounds of funding, different funding sources and advantages and disadvantages of each, including Friends and Family, Angel Investors, Venture Capital Investors, Private Equity, and Grants.


  • November 9: Launching Operations – Pavlick of Innolyzer and Wayne Nix of RNvention will share insights on the operations side of the science startup, including what goes into creating a prototype, SRAs, and issues with selecting and securing Manufacturers.


  • November 30: Wrap-up Panel Discussion – a selection of experts will discuss topics relating to starting and succeeding in a science-based startup, with Innolyzer’s John Chidlow moderating.