LWC will post your job openings

The Louisiana Workforce Comission’s mission is is simple and straightforward – we put people to work.

The LWC is reminding employers of this work as the spotlight on the commission has been focused mostly on Unemployment Insurance as of late. But, if employers have job openings, the LWC will post that on their website for additional exposure (as always, there is NO Fee for that).

Contact Jacques Lasseigne, Industry Sector Specialist for the Louisiana Workforce Commission.

CALL: 318-676-7174; EMAIL: jlasseigne@lwc.la.gov

Of course, we have other services, such as:

  • Incumbent Worker Training Program
  • O-J-T (On-the-Job Training Program)
  • Federal Bonding Program
  • Free Mandated State & Federal Posters
  • A Virtual Job Fair in the Near Future