National Defense Industrial Assoc. opens NWLA Chapter

NDIA looking to grow with business leaders

The Committee of 100, in concert with local economic development organizations, has spearheaded the establishment of a National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) chapter in Northwest Louisiana.  We are confident that NDIA can help local civic, business and governmental leaders both support and leverage Air Force Global Strike Command at Barksdale, Fort Polk, and other military entities in our “Red River” region.  The Committee of 100 and NDIA Red River Regional Chapter leadership would like to invite all members of the Bossier Chamber to join NDIA and participate in Red River Regional Chapter events.
Individual memberships are $40.00 per year, and there is no cost for government employees to become members. The easiest way to join is to go on-line and register at
Members may include individuals, defense and non-defense businesses, government, educational institutions and others who want to support a strong national defense as well as military installations in our region like Barksdale Air Force Base.
The key reasons for the Community to support NDIA are summarized below:
  • Barksdale Air Force Base is the top driver of the Northwest Louisiana economy and we have long been active supporters of the base, its mission and its airmen.
  • A significant part of the community’s economic development strategy is to leverage Barksdale and Air Force Global Strike Command to grow defense related jobs through attracting new and expanded presence of defense contractors to our region.  NDIA will be very helpful to this initiative.
  • NDIA facilitates important dialogue between the military, defense industry, state and local governments, the community and local business on matters important to the national defense and regional military installations.
The Red River Regional chapter will hold a networking event for members on August 17. Congressman Mike Johnson will speak at this function. If interested in the upcoming networking event please submit an e-mail to for additional information including location details.