Patriot Awards Guest Speaker #1: Dr. Phillip Demond Fletcher

Our guest speakers for the 2018 Patriot Awards include Dr. Phillip Demond Fletcher, founder and director of CoHO, and founder of Humanity Matters, as well as, Mark Cooper, an emergency management expert.

Fletcher will be discussing military leadership and courageous responsibility at this year’s awards. He was enlisted into the Active Army in August 2000 and commissioned as an officer in September 2002. Fletcher received his Bachelor’s Degree in Ethnic Studies from University of California, Riverside, his Masters of Theology and Apologetics from Liberty University, and his doctorate of Organizational Leadership from Regent University.

This decorated former Army officer is currently the founder of two non-profit organizations and the author of, “The Excellence of God: Essays in Theology and Doxology.” He hosts a weekly podcast on topics like leadership, nonprofits, religion and philosophy. In the past, he has given a Tedx Talk at the University of Central Arkansas.

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