#SHOPSMALL: Let’s support our business with GREAT Google reviews

Positive Google reviews can be Internet GOLD for our local businesses! Now, more than ever, our businesses need to be aware of their online presence and you, as a consumer, can help our business community
continue to grow and thrive by the power of your positive reviews!

Google reviews allow businesses to prove themselves and level the playing field versus those who can afford expensive marketing campaigns.

Effective reviews are social proof to potential customers so they can make an informed decision on whether to engage with the business. In the end, effective reviews can help bump a business up on local search rankings – which some might consider Internet gold!

Why are Google reviews important to local businesses?
1. Google business reviews increase brand trust
2. Google business reviews increase online exposure and local SEO. Read more on how this affects the algorithm here!
3. Reviews create a feedback loop as well as customer insights about how your business is performing
4. Having positive Google reviews is a great way to get potential customers to click through to your website
5. Google reviews convert more customers; take advantage of good reviews by advertising them on your website and social media as well
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Tips for writing effective Google reviews

  1. Be informative and insightful: Be specific and relevant to the place you are reviewing. Highlight anything special about the business.
  2. Keep it real: Be authentic and include the negative and positive aspects of your visit.
  3. Be respectful: Make sure any criticism is constructive so the business owner can use the feedback to improve.
  4. Reviews are not general commentary: Reviews are not meant for social or political commentary. There are other forums for that. Write about your firsthand experience in relation to the business.
  5. Write with style: People want to read a thoughtful review with good grammar, correct spelling and free of profanity. Feel free to be creative and have fun!
    Read more on how to write GREAT reviews, straight from Google!

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