State of Education Highlights Innovation, Provides National Perspective

This fall, the Bossier Chamber of Commerce highlighted advancements in the K-12 education system at the inaugural State of Education event. Although the event focused on K-12 education in Bossier Parish it also provided a national perspective on the progress being made in the public school system. Speakers include Cheryl Oldham, U.S. Chamber Vice President of Education Policy, and D.C. Machen, Bossier Parish Schools Superintendent and the Emcee was Bossier Chamber Board member, GB Cazes of the Cyber Innovation Center.
So why focus on K-12 education when the region is home to many quality higher education institutions? Our Parish schools are one reason we can claim that “Bossier Innovates”! As stated by DC Machen, “the K-12 education system is the foundation for learning”. And a strong education system is crucial for developing and sustaining a quality workforce for the 21st Century and beyond. The U.S. Chamber states that 92% of executives believe there is a serious gap in workforce skills, and furthermore employers are investing more than $600B in training that’s focused on upgrading the skills of existing employees.
We have seen education strategies in the U.S. transform and align to meet the needs of growing economies. In fact we are training students for the jobs of tomorrow – the jobs that don’t even exist yet! Bossier Parish Schools have responded to the to the need for qualified workers by working to close skill gaps and provide relevant training to meet the needs of high demand career fields.