Summer special session for La. Legislature looks likely

By Jeremy Alford

There’s a strong likelihood that the Capitol may not empty out on June 8 following sine die.

Those close to the governor are stopping short of calling the possibility of a fourth special session “inevitable,” which was the word used in December to advertise the run-up to this term’s third special session in February. Nonetheless, those same sources note that “inevitable” is a term that could be thrown around very soon.

With only three weeks remaining in the regular session, and the timeline becoming uncomfortably tight for the House to send tax bills over to the Senate, many in the administration feel like another special session would be the only worthwhile reaction to the Legislature failing to address next year’s $1.3 billion fiscal cliff.

This isn’t news to lawmakers located near the center of the action. A fourth special session was quietly being predicted by some in the leadership in April.

While folks inside the rails would prefer to come back to Baton Rouge for a fall gathering, the administration may repeat last year’s post-regular session call, when the second special session convened on the same day that the 2016 regular session ended.

The real question is whether lawmakers will act differently if dragged back into a another session.