Special Events

Membership events are tailored with your business’ needs in mind.  The Chamber staff and leadership recognize that its member base represents a diverse audience and our programs are are designed to support the varying interests and challenges business leaders face.  Our events serve to:

Create diverse opportunities for our members to get connected: The Bossier Chamber holds 40-plus events each year. On average, that’s approximately one opportunity per week throughout the year that members can get connected and showcase their business within like-minded, targeted groups.

Support a strong business climate through local, state and national advocacy efforts: The diversity within our membership base present different needs, goals, and challenges that the Chamber must monitor to ensure a healthy business climate. Advocacy is an important part of how we support the special interests among the members.

Help to create lasting mutually beneficial community partnerships: You can’t very well facilitate connections without partnerships. Partnerships are a key to the success in our community on every level as they provide us the opportunity and give us the resources to grow and change.

Provide diverse education opportunities that strengthen businesses: Learn and grow – these words fit together nicely. It’s like a cause an effect. It’s important to the Chamber to provide education opportunities to help our members stay on top of their game. Interested in learning more about Bossier Chamber events?

For more information on events contact Kattie Hollay!