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2023 Meet the Candidates for Office

Early voting begins; election coming up Oct. 14

September 28, 2023

Are you ready to vote on Oct. 14?

Here are some dates and ballot information you need to know for the upcoming gubernatorial primary election.

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  • Sept. 30 - Oct. 7 (Excluding Sunday, Oct.1), 8:30 a.m. - 6 p.m.: Early voting period at the Bossier Parish Courthouse or Bossier Parish Library History Center
  • Oct. 10 by 4:30 p.m.: Deadline to request absentee ballot. You can request an absentee ballot online through the state Voter Portal or in writing through your Registrar of Voters Office (other than military and overseas voters).
  • Oct. 13: Deadline for Registrar of Voters to receive a voted absentee ballot (other than military and overseas voters).
  • UPCOMING: The general election will be November 18.

All voters throughout the state of Louisiana will vote on the following four amendments:

  • CA NO. 1 (ACT 200, 2023 - HB 311) - Prohibits the use of private funds in the administration of elections
  • CA NO. 2 (ACT 30, 2023 - SB 63) - Provides that the freedom of worship is a fundamental right worthy of the highest protection
  • CA NO. 3 (ACT 107, 2023 - HB 47) - Dedicates certain payments to be applied to the state retirement system unfunded accrued liability
  • CA NO. 4 (ACT 48, 2023 - HB 46) - Restricts ad valorem tax exemptions for certain nonprofit organizations

Check out the PAR Guide to the Constitutional Amendments HERE!

In Bossier Parish, depending on the district you live in, in addition to statewide races, you could see any of these races listed below. The Bossier Chamber of Commerce sent questionnaires to candidates for state Legislature, Bossier Parish Police Jury and Bossier Parish School Board on issues we think are important to our members. You can view their answers below. You can view their answers BY CLICKING HERE!


Races on the ballot in Bossier:

State Senator 31st Senatorial District (1 to be elected)

  • "Mike" McConathy, Republican
  • Alan Seabaugh, Republican

State Senator 36th Senatorial District (1 to be elected)

  • "Adam" Bass, Republican
  • Robert Mills, Republican

State Senator 39th Senatorial District (1 to be elected)

  • Cedric Glover, Democrat
  • Samuel L. "Sam" Jenkins, Jr., Democrat
  • Barbara M. Norton, Democrat
  • James F. "Jim" Slagle, Republican

State Representative 9th Representative District (1 to be elected)

  • "Dodie" Horton, Republican
  • "Chris" Turner, Republican

Sheriff (1 to be elected)*

  • "Chris" Green, Republican
  • Julian C. Whittington, Republican

Police Juror District 1 (1 to be elected)

  • "Bob" Brotheron, Republican
  • Michael B. Farris, Republican
  • Mary Odom, Democrat
  • Andre M. Wilson, Democrat

Police Juror District 3 (1 to be elected)

  • "Andy" Modica, Republican
  • Philip Rodgers, Republican

Police Juror District 4

  • Jack Harvill, Republican
  • "John Ed" Jorden, Republican
  • Donald Stephens, Democrat

Police Juror District 5 (1 to be elected)

  • Barry "Bear" Butler, Republican
  • Julianna Parks, Republican

Police Juror District 6 (1 to be elected)

  • Robert A. Berry, Republican
  • "Chris" Marsiglia, Republican

Police Juror District 9 (1 to be elected)

  • Pamela M. "Pam" Glorioso, Republican
  • Charles L. Gray, Democrat

Police Juror District 10 (1 to be elected)

  • James K. Carley, Democrat
  • Jerome L. Darby, Independent
  • Julian "Julius" Darby, Democrat
  • Mary A. Giles, Democrat

Police Juror District 12 (1 to be elected)

  • Paul "Mac" Plummer, Republican
  • "Keith" Sutton, Republican

Member of School Board District 4 (1 to be elected)

  • John "Tommy" Green, Republican
  • William Leighton, Independent
  • Sherri Pool, Republican

Get your sample ballot here!

*Sheriff candidates were not sent a questionnaire.

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