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Bossier Chamber of Commerce to receive 2023 Col. Steven dePyssler award

October 3, 2023

Bossier Chamber Pinwheel

The Bossier Chamber of Commerce is set to receive the prestigious 2023 Col. Steven dePyssler award, named in honor of Colonel Steven dePyssler, a retired United States Air Force Colonel who dedicated 38 of his 100 years of life to active duty service, encompassing every enlisted, warrant, and officer grade from Private to Colonel. He served in four wars: WWII, Korea, French-Indo China, and Vietnam, and also spent three years with the Central Intelligence Agency during the Cuban Missile Crisis and Bay of Pigs. Colonel dePyssler's contributions extended beyond his military career, as he played a vital role in various projects, including donating 440 flags spanning American history, hosting POW-Purple Heart Veteran Luncheons for 38 years, and initiating changes in Louisiana state Last Will and Testament guidance. His enduring legacy is celebrated through the naming of The Steven dePyssler Building at Barksdale Air Force Base, a rare honor for a living individual. Colonel D.'s service is a testament to his legendary dedication. A true legend!

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