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Natural Gas Fuels America’s Economy 

Fueling Prosperity

April 16, 2024

In Louisiana, we are the third largest producer of natural gas in the nation, behind just Texas and Pennsylvania. With the proliferation of natural gas in the Haynesville Shale and the pipeline infrastructure within our state to move it to our LNG facilities, Louisiana is helping to fuel not only our state, but our country and our allies as well, delivering clean, reliable, and affordable energy to consumers and businesses. 

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Fill me in: With so many household budgets stretched, natural gas is a proven pocketbook-friendly solution to save on the cost of energy. Businesses and consumers alike choose natural gas for its efficiency in heating their homes and places of work, preparing meals, and providing reliable energy for their families, customers, and staff.  

Chamber in action: The Bossier Chamber has been diving further into the natural gas industry in our region and state since 2022. You can see our work in our latest State of Community Report HERE! Additionally, the Bossier Chamber helped write a letter to our U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators – as well as ranking members of the Natural Resources committees - that many of the Chambers across our state signed as well, to support a reversal of the detrimental decision by the Biden administration to halt LNG projects in the U.S. We know that the future of energy requires natural gas: for stabilization of our utilities, to keep the cost of business down and to fuel the economies of our allies, particularly as Russia has cut off its exports to European countries. The U.S. Chamber has committed to spotlighting the economic, environmental, and national security advantages of this crucial source of American energy through its Natural Gas Natural Advantage initiative as extremists continue to attack natural gas and call for its ban. 

By the numbers: 

  • Over the past decade, U.S. businesses saved over $500 billion by using natural gas for commercial and industrial purposes, according to AGA. 
  • In 2022, U.S. companies supplied 50 percent of Europe’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) needs, while Russian gas shipments to the continent halved in the same year. 
  • Since 2006, natural gas has reduced CO2 emissions from the electric power sector by nearly 5 million metric tons (MMT), equivalent to removing 1.1 million cars from the road for a year, based on data from EIA and EPA. 

Bottom line: Natural gas is an abundant and affordable fuel that gives the United States a unique advantage—promoting economic growth and reducing emissions. These benefits support jobs and our economy, improve air quality, and strengthen national security. 

SOURCE: Bossier Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Chamber of Commerce

Natural Gas Enhances Energy Security Fast Facts Sheet

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